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We Dashed and We Danced

A great Maker Fun session with everyone creating reindeer bots and angel bots. Here are the session highlights. 

The Maker Fun doesn't stop here. Make your first bristle bot, a hex-like nano bug. The Evil Mad Scientist, shows you how on this YouTube clip. Make one and send in a photo for the blog.

There is one more Maker Fun session before Christmas. 'Message for Santa' is a special activity for younger makers between 4-6 years olds. They will design a stop here Santa Sign and record a 20 second message for Santa to play when he drops by.

Recipe 2: Dashing Reindeer and Dancing Angels

I'm all set for tomorrow's session. The recipe cards are printed, my boxes are packed. There was also the small task of stripping the casing back from 20 vibrating motors to make sure our reindeers dash and angels dance!  See you tomorrow.

A Dazzling First Event - Lighting up Christmas

Thank you to all who came to our first ever Maker Fun session and made 'Lighting up Christmas' a fantastic event for everyone.

Maker Fun challenged everybody to make a Christmas card with lots of light and sparkle. We used conductive paint to add a battery powered circuit and light up an LED to give it extra dazzle. 

We did our best to capture the session on video! Why don't you have a look.

For lots more projects using conductive paint look click on the  Bare Conductive tutorials.

We have two more events before Christmas and hope to see you again. To find out more click on the orange 'E', that's the Eventbrite button, see the details and reserve your place. 

14th December: Dancing Angels and Dashing Reindeers for 6-8 year olds

21st December: A Message for Santa for 4-6 year olds

The Jolly Postman Arrives

I was so happy to see the postman this morning. He battled through all weathers to bring in the final delivery for my "Messages to Santa" craft session. It's a special session for 4-6 year olds just before Christmas. We will be creating a 'Santa Stop Here Sign' with a difference. Kids can record their own messages just for Santa. 

Lots of Tea, a Day Off and Time to Make!

A day off my day job and time to put the finishing touches on the stuff I need to host the first Christmas Maker Fun session this Saturday at Marple Library. I drank lots of tea and took stacks of photos to make the step by step guides for the session. 

For more details see Eventbrite:

Triple Fun in Marple this Weekend

Come to the Maker Fun session at Marple Library this Saturday morning and let the fun begin! We are going to light up the season with easy to make glittering, flashing Christmas cards. 

After the session enjoy the festivities on offer at Marple Christmas Cracker 2013 including a street market, entertainers and much much more. Still want more... then walk down the hill and visit the wonderful Winter Wonderland festival in Marple Bridge. 

Don't forget to reserve you Maker Fun session. Click on the 'E' below! 

Maker Fun Launch Day

Only 6 days to go to our first Maker Fun event. Maker Fun wants to kids get inventing, designing and making cool stuff for fun!

We use crafting activities as a starting point for digital making. We do this by using familiar craft supplies along side new materials such as conductive thread, LED's and motors to extend their making projects.

Above all we hope kids will find our sessions fun and creative. 

The first two events have just have just gone live!

Lighting up Christmas Maker Fun challenges you to design a Christmas card with lots of sparkles & lights. 7th December for 6-8 year olds, 9.30 till 10.45
Dancing Angels and Dashing Reindeer Maker Fun challenges you to design a dancing angel or dashing reindeer. 14th December for 6-8 year olds, 9.30 till 10.45
A Message to Santa
A special session for 4-6 year olds details coming soon!

Click here to see the details of all the sessions and reserve your place:
Maker Fun on Eventbrite

Please come along to one of our Christmas craft sessions and…