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New Sessions on the Events Calendar

New sessions starting the first Saturday in June. Further details will follow very soon. 

I have been super busy getting reading and going to Maker Faire UK in Newcastle last weekend. Lots of great things to share but I will focus on getting the events details up ASAP.

Way Back to 1936

Electroluminescent wire also know as EL wire was invented in 1936 by Frenchman Georges Destriau. Today's EL wire is flexible and gives 360 degrees of glowy strands of light! 

We used our EL wire to make aliens and Jelly fish. 

The moment of truth .... it illuminates!

Dragon Slime Time!

The fun is endless when you create dragon snot and slime!

Step 1. First design you dragon

Step 2: Make your dragon snot.

We had lots of fun!

We are going to put our recipes online soon so that you can share them with your friends. Sign up to our newsletter and you will be among the first to find out. 

We will be back in Marple in June, don't stop making!

What's All Stat About?

We want to shout about our numbers and reflect on what our data says about our journey so far.

Maker Fun has delivered 81 makes over 10 events since we started in December 2013.

We have welcomed 41 individual makers to our sessions! 

61% or our makers are girls and 39% of our makers are boys.

28 parents have supported their kids making cool stuff at our sessions. 

Our top three events were Dancing Angels and Dashing Reindeer where we made bots using vibration motors, Crazy Cases introducing e-textiles and the Hour of Code UK were we coded Angry Birds and programmed BeeBots.

We have developed unique activities for Maker Fun. 

What's next?

We think this is a good start but we want to double the number of makes we have delivered by the end of this month. And we will be hosting lots of sessions at Newcastle Maker Faire on the 26th and 27th of April at Newcastle Centre for Life to reach this goal.    

We are going to look at ways of making our sessions sustainable. We would like to reduce the…