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'Dreams is Full of Mystery and Magic ...'Roald Dhal (The BFG)

DIY Dream Catchers for Story Makers
Sophie: What do you do for work? 
BFG: I catch dreams. 

Whilst other giants use the 'witching hour' to gobble up people the BFG is doing something nice for them by giving them their dreams instead. And this is how Sophie, who wakes up in the middle night, first spots the BFG, he is blowing a dream into the bedroom window of the children across the street. 
In both the book and the film the BFG is surrounded by dreams he has bottled and that is the inspiration for this make - to make a dream catcher complete with a dream. But before you reach for a jam jar and fairy lights and given that dreams are both mysterious and magical, why not create your own unique light show to represents your bottled and dream. 

NeoPixels are easy to program with a micro:bit. Here I have created a NeoPixel string from 4 x Flora RGB NeoPixels and programmed in Python using the code editor here. You could also use a NeoPixel strip and the JavaScript Blocks editor too.  Fi…