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The Devil is in the Detail!

Having lots of fun sourcing the materials for the next Maker Fun sessions. Just wanted to share a couple of moments that made me laugh or gasp out loud.

Looking for glow powder for a cool 'dragons blood and dragon slime' make that I have in mind. Found a glow powder that is based on a food additive instead of Zinc Sulphide and came across a foodies blog on the same. BadRabbit speculates on how to make food glow: 

"I bet Firefly butts are edible. Not positive of that and I don't really know how you'd find out but I seem to remember reading about a culture that ate them." 

"Edit: Nevermind. They are toxic..."

Thank you Badrabbit, you made me laugh out loud. More here: Luminescent food techniques.

And here is the one that made me gasp! Trying to source electro luminescent wire, EL or glow wire from cheapest source. Wrote to a couple of companies in China with interesting results. Was happy that my first quote was competitive but looked into the other activ…

Maker Fun Returns: Stop Press!

Hold the dates... Maker Fun is back
We will host 6 new sessions starting in February.

Returning to Marple Library, each session will run between 9.30am and 10.30am.

Details coming soon until then here are the dates: 

22nd of February
1st of March
8th of March 
15th of March
22nd March
29th of March

My First Pi Adventure

Got my first Pi last week. OS loaded, case built, camera next. Watch this space!

A Message for Santa

Happy New Year 2014

Many thanks to everyone who supported our Maker Fun sessions. We are planning a new series of events and will be back in February.  

Now that Santa has finished his journey why not re-use your sound recorder and make your toys talk! 

If you took away one of the greeting card sound units here is a link to a how to video: 'Make an audio greeting card'