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Our First Rube Machine!

Why keep it simple and do things the easy way when you can build a Rube Goldberg machine. We got inventive and found an over-complicated way to blow bubbles at Manchester Coderdojo last Sunday. We took Brio, Rosie the train, our favourite Zhu Zhu pet, balloons, fans, motors, switches and more. 

We made bubble blowers out of socks and re-used drinks bottles before setting to work on our machine. 

Take a look: 

The lovely people on the Minecraft table built an awesome bubble machine too. Now the trick is to get a bubble from our machine into their Minecraft world.

What next? The Rube machine theme is set to run for another two months. We would like to create all kinds of art bots at the June event and have the critters scurrying in and out of the real and digital world; leaving paint trails behind them. I can sense another magnificent challenge for those Minecrafters. 

Come and join the fun at Manchester CoderDojo where young people code and make.

Introducing The Glitter Bugs

Our glitter bugs were a hit at Maker Faire UK

We loved making our vibrating glitter bugs and bird bots from the first ones we made at home before the show ... 

... right through to the 100th bug we made at Newcastle Maker Faire!

Hats of to our supplier of vibrating motors; Precision Microdrives, an excellent product and not one fail!