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Maker Faire Manchester, Stop Motion - Saturday and Sunday Films

Here is Part 1 of our amazing animated short created at Manchester Mini Maker Faire this Saturday. Thank you to all of our stop motion artists who created crazy characters to tell even crazier stories. Rabbit outwits the skinny fox, Pac-man makes a return and much more!

Want more? See Part 2 our Sunday Film. Sven saved Elsa from a burning building but Snowman was blasted by a Creeper.  

These animations were created with plasticine, using A Raspberry Pi computer and lots of imagination! 

We used a bread board and buttons connected to the GPIO pins on the Pi instead of relying on a GUI interface.

We made tweaks late into the night a head of the show.   

Manchester Mini Maker Faire

Wow, we had a fantastic time at Manchester Mini Maker Faire. The whole family came to deliver our 2 second animation challenge! kids created their own characters from plasticine and brought those stories to life using stop motion animation. We were able to show and tell lots of families about our latest Raspberry Pi project.

We captured an amazing 40 animations over two days. With an average of just two seconds per animation we are 'chaining' those animations together to create two short films for each day at the faire. Congratulations makers you created awesome animations. Check back tomorrow when we will publish the films!

What's the Commotion? It's Stop Motion with Raspberry Pi

I think you will agree Robin Hood is as nimble and as swashbuckling as ever!

We celebrated the final session of this series of Maker Fun with a cool a stop motion animation work shop led by guest animator Paul Claessens. We rebuilt and re-programmed our Raspberry Pi to create this stop motion kit. 

Our star maker of month was the first to try out our new Raspberry Pi set-up. 

He created his first animated short; the Adventures of Robin Hood Re-told in 5 Seconds!
We had so much fun we are going to take our stop motion set to Manchester Mini Maker Faire. Pop along to the MOSI next weekend if you would take the 2 second challenge and help us create a chain animation.