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Maker Faire Manchester, Stop Motion - Saturday and Sunday Films

Here is Part 1 of our amazing animated short created at Manchester Mini Maker Faire this Saturday. Thank you to all of our stop motion artists who created crazy characters to tell even crazier stories. Rabbit outwits the skinny fox, Pac-man makes a return and much more!

Want more? See Part 2 our Sunday Film. Sven saved Elsa from a burning building but Snowman was blasted by a Creeper.  

These animations were created with plasticine, using A Raspberry Pi computer and lots of imagination! 

We used a bread board and buttons connected to the GPIO pins on the Pi instead of relying on a GUI interface.

We made tweaks late into the night a head of the show.   


  1. We all had a great time at the Faire on Saturday, with your stall being one of the highlights - thanks!

    From the skinny fox and the rabbit

  2. Will you be releasing the code for your animation package? I've been using a different one but yours seemed better when I saw it at Maker Fair.

    1. Hi Bruce, yes we are going to release on github. We made a few mods for a session that we did at Eureka this weekend. We feel we need to re-write so that it will be stable in multiple Pi environments rather than just our specific set-up. So please bear with us we will get there soon. I'm @mrsclaessens on twitter if you like I'll tweet you when it's up.

    2. Thanks I'll follow you and wait for the announcement.


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